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Asset Protection

Over 20 million people were sued within the past year alone.

What are some of the common reasons for getting sued?

Divorce, conflict with other heirs after a death, health issues, creditors, employee disputes, theft, malpractice suits, sexual harassment claims, and business partner conflict---these are just a few issues that can result in a loss of assets for unprepared individuals and business owners.

Are you potentially at risk?

  • Do you own rental or vacation property?
  • Are you a high income-earning professional?
  • Are you marrying for a second time with children from a first marriage or separate assets?
  • Do you own a business with significant value and/or employees?

Asset protection planning is what we are here to help you with to minimize these risks and help you protect everything you have worked so hard to create.

Through our Legacy Planning Session, we will review all of your assets and help you determine what options are available to you to protect these assets for both you and your loved ones after you are gone. Contact us today to schedule your Legacy Planning Session.


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